Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Many Faces of Spring

It's been spring on the calendar for almost a week now, but you wouldn't know it by looking out the window yesterday!
I love winter and I love watching the snow come down, so yesterday was a dream day for me.  The snow was light and airy and it was just a beautiful sight outside my window all day long.
But that's not the picture you expect to see when you think it's spring! 
One of my spring rituals has always been to walk around my yard to where the daffodils grow and watch for them to start pushing out of the ground.  When she was little, my daughter loved to wander through the yard with me, reminding me of all the places the daffodils would be.
This year, the daffodils are up and nice and tall already.  The blooms are huge and just about to burst!  The weather still pretty cold, though, and with the freezing temperatures at night, I just don't have that sea of yellow yet.
But it's coming!   
This little plant is tucked away up near the house (out of the wind) and between the leaves and the fact that it gets a lot of sun throughout the day I guess it was ready to bloom.  
Reminded me of how life is sometimes...seems like all you want to do is just find the sunshine and bloom but the storms just won't stop coming.
But the Easter season is the perfect time to remember that the dark days don't last forever and the storms will stop and when the sun comes out it's a beautiful day.

Just ask Peter and Mary

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