Saturday, May 4, 2013

...And They're Off!!!

My dad and I always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby and see the "Run for the Roses" in all its glory.  But we contented ourselves with watching the pageantry on TV together.   And now that he's gone, I've continued the tradition on my own.
So when I saw Bobbie Rafferty's Hat's Off  Challenge, I had to jump in! 
The challenge?  Choose one of the amazingly over-the-top hats that have been worn to the Kentucky Derby over the years and create a piece of jewelry that is inspired by that hat.  (Here's the link to all the hats we had to choose from:  Hats Off Challenge)
 My favorite is this vintage hat...I loved the colors and the movement of the feathers.    
  So I started with a nice sized piece of white sea glass, grabbed my beading needles and started going through my bead stash!
I decided to use variegated green 11/0 seed beads for the beaded bezel and the main color of the necklace.
I had never created anything using the St. Petersburg since I try to learn something new for the challenges, this was my time to dive in! 
The necklace is created with a double St. Petersburg stitch.  The necklace is mostly the variegated green 11/0 beads, with orange and pink 11/0 beads as the accent colors.   
Not colors I would have normally chosen, but perfect for the warmer weather that is (finally!) coming our way!
Thanks for dropping by to see my challenge creation!  Here's a list of everyone who is part of the Hat's Off Challenge...please be sure to visit and see all the amazing creations inspired by the Derby hats! 

Bobbie Rafferty
Cindy Wilson  You are here!
Susan Nelson Bowie


  1. Gorgeous bead work! I love how you bezel around sea glass! it is just so beautifully simple!! Very pretty piece

  2. Beautiful, I love that stitch and the greens, very elegant.

  3. Your necklace is beautiful!! I would never know that you had never done this stitch before. I am so in awe of seed beaders. Such incredible work and your colours are stunning! You have met and exceeded the challenge!

  4. Your necklace is WONDERFUL! I love that you pulled all the colors into the St. Petersburg chain (and good for you, tackling a new stitch and conquering it so beautifully!) The result is a lovely spring necklace that captures the bold colors and the airy nature of the feathers that topped the hat. Thanks for being part of the challenge! (And believe me, the sofa is the best place to watch the Derby this year -- it's rainy and chilly here today. SO glad I didn't spend big money to go sit in the rain all day!)

  5. Love, Love, Love this design with a passion!
    What a fab. creation! Wow!
    jean xox

  6. I love this hat ... but I love your necklace more! And the fact that you just learned the St. Petersburg stitch to make this? So awesome!

  7. I eventually picked the same hat~what a beauty! Your necklace is Gorgeous and has all my favorites~found objects, St. Petersburg (i often use the double st. pete's as a bezel around a cab), and the fresh colors of spring! Beautiful piece!

  8. Your necklace is so beautiful! You bezeled that piece of beach glass perfectly. The chain came out just great. I don't know I would think of orange and pink as accent colors for green, but together it looks incredible. Spring like with color but not overwhelming. I've never tried the St. Petersburg stitch but your necklace is so lovely that I almost want to pull the instructions up now and start beading before I finish hopping.

  9. An amazing colorcombination and great beadwork. I love♥ it!

    Dini -
    instead of the facebook address in the participants list...

  10. Love the colors and the double St. Peters chain is awesome.

  11. Very pretty, I love the subtle touch of the different green seed beads in the bezel and the St. Petersburg neck strap, awesome job.

  12. Nice work- ready for spring.

  13. What a beautiful necklace, love the St. Petersburg stitch-the colors look really nice together. Just lovely!!!

  14. You have lots of patience to make that gorgeous necklace. Love the colors you used too.

  15. I just learned St. Petersburg stitch for a recent challenge - such a fun stitch. Love how you wove such an elegant and feminine neckstrap to echo the design of the hat. And the matte of the sea glass focal makes the beaded bezel sparkle even more. Great design choices!