Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

Perspective, or point of view, is crucial for any artist.  It's what keeps your designs focused and uncluttered.  It makes your work unique and different from anyone else.
When started my business, I was painting on glass.  There were classes in the "Donna Dewberry" way and while I think she's a fantastic artist, I DID NOT want my work to be a duplicate of hers.
In fact, at my first craft show, a fellow glass painter (who had been in the business for years) made a point to come over to my table and chat with me about my technique.  When I told him I taught myself and that I wanted my work to stand out because it was different from what everyone else was offering, he came behind my table to shake my hand.
It confirmed what I had suspected...the way to be noticed in a sea of talented people was to create something that was unique.
I've carried this same idea over into my jewelry designs.   There are lots of jewelry shops on the internet, but mine is different from anything else.  I collect all the sea glass for my designs (except for a few pieces that came from Scotland and some colors that are more common on the New England coasts but not where I live).   
Be confident in your point of view!  You see the world from a different perspective than anyone else...share that through your designs. 


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