Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Inspiration

While color is an important part of each design, texture is often an unsung hero. 
The vivid color of the sunset is what first captures your attention in this picture, but it is the beach that keeps it.  You would expect small grains of sand, but here the beach is created with vibrant stones.  And you can imagine how the gentle waves would feel running past your feet...
Texture was an important part of designing this bracelet.  The wave-like pattern was created by increasing/decreasing the size of the beads.  But the real impact was created by using various finishes and colors throughout the pattern. 
A fun way to train your eye is to go window shopping.  Take notice of what gets your is the color?  The shape?  The texture?  You can do this for jewelry, clothing, flowers...anything you shop for. 
Once you can recognize what you are drawn to in other's designs, you will be able to better create your own. 

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