Monday, April 1, 2013

New "Reveal"

It's time for my own reveal...of sorts!  I try to make my grandmother and aunts something special for the holidays and this Easter was no exception.
They all are amazing women and I try to make things that I think they would like but are a little different than what they would choose for themselves.
This first bracelet is for my Aunt Vivie.  It is a variation of the right-angle weave stitch using magatama beads.  It has a sort of tribal feel to it and she's more of a traditional jewelry person (all these women are! LOL)
I'm ashamed that I don't have a better picture of the necklace I made for my Granny, but this gives you the idea of it's sparkle.
She loves flowers and purple is her favorite color, and this just felt like I was walking in her flower gardens when I was a child. 
My Aunt Nancy's present was an addition to her birthday present.  I had made her a bracelet and short necklace for her birthday with these amazing mint chocolate chip colored beads.
She asked me to make earrings and a longer necklace to go with them.  Luckily the bead store had two strands of those beads left in stock so I was able to make these for her.
She specifically asked that the earrings be just the large glass beads so I didn't add any extra beads, but I had to add these cute antique bronze bead caps. 

I wasn't able to get all the same beads that I used in the first design, but I think it goes well enough you don't notice the difference.  The large glass beads and my handmade links take center stage anyway!
And best of all...everyone loved them!  I'm so grateful for the family I have left and for these women who had such an important role in shaping my life.


  1. Love that long necklace. I could put that on and wear it most everyday. Hope your family loves and appreciates your creativity.