Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's the Little Things

I had one of "those" moments earlier this week.
You know, when you look at yourself and wonder "how in the world did I not figure that out?"
I had spent the day with my grandmother and aunt and we had a wonderful time.  Ran some errands, did some shopping, went to lunch...just enjoyed spending time together.  I was dropping my aunt off at her house when we realized there was a problem with my car.  All her groceries were in the trunk and the trunk wouldn't open.
Now this isn't the first time the trunk has been uncooperative but usually after a few minutes of pleading and then thumping on the back of the car it will open when I push the button on the remote.  Not this time.
So I had to call my hubby and ask him what to do.  He asked if I had tried the key...well, of course I tried the key!  And everything else that we've ever done in the past!  So he drops what he was doing and drives the 30 minutes to "rescue" my aunt's groceries.  (Thank goodness that nothing perishable was in there!)
And of course, he pulls up, puts the key in and the trunk pops open.  As I'm walking over to help get the groceries, he asks me which key I used on the trunk.
Which key???  There's only one key for this car! 
Apparently not.
Of all the cars I've ever had, I've NEVER had a car that had a key for the ignition and a separate one for the trunk.   And since this had been my dad's car, I'm sure he was looking down from Heaven with that amused little smile he had and doing his "heeheehee." 
Glad my hubby also has a sense of humor.

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