Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring is in the Air

I love winter...I love watching the snow come down and cover everything in white.  But part of the beauty of the seasons is that they don't stay forever. 
And I am so ready for spring! 
Today my hubby brought home two hanging baskets of purple petunias.  He's bought me petunias every year for the 17 years we've been married. 
It started out that first year because I was pregnant with our daughter at Mother's Day and he wanted to surprise me with flowers.  He brought home a deep purple petunia and planted it in a little planter we had on the front porch.  For a guy whose mantra is "if I can't eat it, why should I buy it" it was a pretty special gesture.
Since it's been so cold (my daffodils are just now starting to bloom and the tulips are just starting to push through the ground) I don't have pictures of my flowers yet, but here are some from last summer.
These are from my pergola...I have 6-8 hanging baskets that the hummingbirds love!
I love the colors of these azaleas! 
I have a wild rose bush next to the garage and the little roses start off pink and turn white as the season goes on.  It makes for a gorgeous display!
Roses are one of my favorite (although I'm partial to the pink cabbage roses that grow in clusters).  But I love this picture I took in the rain last summer of my miniature red roses. 
Can't wait for everything to warm up and get my hanging baskets ready!

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